A Message from the Tourism Association

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing industries and is quickly becoming the crux of north-central Arkansas’ changing economy. It is extremely important to reach out to potential visitors & new residents with what our area has to offer. The Greers Ferry Lake & Little Red River Tourism Association is a non-profit organization and the first ever of its kind in Arkansas, now moving into its 50th year with a completely revitalized platform.

The Tourism Association is uniquely positioned to use matching state funds to launch large-scale advertising projects at highly competitive rates, in campaigns that broadcast across Arkansas and even outside the state. This includes ongoing radio, tv, & magazine ads promoting the Lake & River communities. The advertising dollars raised for its annual Tourism Guide are in turn reinvested back into tourism for the area. In addition, they provide free distribution of the Guides, not only to local businesses, but to Welcome Centers Statewide and to the six surrounding states, providing excellent visibility for member businesses. This is quite different from other entities that come through town trying to sell ads for a map or other product. Quite frequently these entities are not local, so the money is diverted out of the state altogether.

By working directly with local Chambers and municipalities, promoting the area’s natural assets, and offering initiatives that provide opportunities & resources to local communities, the Tourism Association plays a vital role in growing the region’s tourism economy. This is what makes your support of the Greers Ferry Lake/Little Red River Guide such an important opportunity to invest in this effort, and to build a thriving community network, while keeping your dollars close to home.

For more info on current projects & opportunities, and to learn how your business can get involved, please e-mail visitgreersferrylake@gmail.com.

Copies of the current guide are available at area Chamber offices, at participating businesses, or online at http://www.visitgreersferrylake.org. Thank you for your part in helping the area grow!